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This list of X-Lighters has been collated and compiled by George Robinson and is based on original research and information by/from by the late Henry Higgs, Philip Simons, Dr. Ian Buxton, David Asprey, David Mallard, Bill Rutland and Les Reid. 

Also drawing on data from ...

Lloyd's Register of Shipping

The Shipyard Lists of the World Ship Society

'Marine News' the journal of the World Ship Society

'Everard of Greenhithe' K. S. Garrett / World Ship Society

'Metcalf Motor Coasters Ltd. 1924-1965' / P. N. Quartermaine / World Ship Society

'Cambrian Coasters' R. S. Fenton / World Ship Society

'R. Lapthorn & Company Limited' K. S. Garrett / Ships in Focus

'BP Tankers - a group fleet history' Harvey & Solly / Chatham Publishing

'A Sideways Launch' (history of James Pollock & Sons) Anne Salmon / Meresborough Books

'Rowbotham' Rev. A. Huckett / World Ship Society

'B.E.F. Ships before, at and after Dunkirk' John de S. Winser / World Ship Society

'Tees Packet' the Journal of the Teesside branch of the World Ship Society

The Clydebuilt database from Clydesite

'X Lighters - The Black Beetles' website by David Mallard


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