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A listing of shipbreakings at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Yard, Troon

These pages contain a summary of shipbreakings at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Yard, Troon.

Click on a ship's name or arrival date to view more information on that vessel. Where a date is shown as 1 Jan yyyy, then only the year is known for that entry.

Arrival Date Vessel Name on Arrival Vessel Type Year Built Photo Available
28/05/1956 Manx Heather Pilot-Boat 1904 Yes
29/06/1956 HMS Lochy Frigate 1944 Yes
29/06/1956 HMS Helford Frigate 1943 Yes
24/07/1956 Ballyalton Cargo 1925 Yes
25/07/1956 Ballyarnot Coaster 1925 Yes
07/09/1956 Windfall Trawler 1920 No
13/09/1956 Black Swan Sloop 1940 Yes
02/11/1956 Masona Trawler 1930 Yes
03/11/1956 HMS Alacrity Sloop 1945 Yes
07/11/1956 Duke of Argyll II Passenger 1928 Yes
13/11/1956 Mallowdale Coaster 1905 Yes
14/01/1957 George Brown Tug 1887 Yes
14/01/1957 Lady Dorothy Coaster 1916 Yes
15/01/1957 Bannqueen Coaster 1909 Yes
09/02/1957 Ballybeg Coaster 1898 Yes
11/02/1957 Eveleen Coaster 1920 Yes
18/03/1957 Holdernett Coaster 1924 Yes
22/03/1957 Morgan Jones Naval Trawler 1918 No
03/07/1957 Cumbria Coaster 1921 Yes
02/09/1957 HMS Indefatigable Aircraft Carrier 1944 Yes
09/10/1957 Laird's Isle Passenger 1911 Yes
09/11/1957 HMS Waveney Frigate 1942 Yes
16/12/1957 Empire Ken Passenger 1928 Yes
17/12/1957 Roman Puffer 1904 Yes
23/05/1958 HMS Portchester Castle Corvette 1943 Yes


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