HMS Caistor Castle

Vessel Name on Arrival: 
HMS Caistor Castle
Vessel Type: 
Draught For'd: 
9' 6"
Draught Aft: 
13' 6"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
John Lewis & Sons Limited, Aberdeen, Scotland
Original Yard No.: 
Name Changes: 

+  Some sources refer to her as Caistor Castle whilst others refer to her as Caister Castle
+  Some sources refer to her as a Frigate whilst others refer to her as a Corvette

Other Information: 

Twin-SCrew Castle-Class Patrol Frigate for the Royal Navy                                  Pennant No. K 690
19-12-1942  :  Ordered
26-08-1942  :  Laid Down
22-05-1944  :  Launched
29-09-1944  :  Completed
Tonnages  :  1,010 / 1,510 tons                            Dimensions  :  76.8 metres  x  11.2 metres
Propulsion  :  Triple Expansion Steam Reciprocating Engines rated at 2,880 IHP
Steam  :  Two Admiralty design 3-drum type Boilers
Speed  :  16.5 knots      
Armaments  :  1 x 4 inch Gun  +  10 x 20mm A. A. Guns  +  1 Squid
Complement  :  120 men
Summary of the Naval Career of Patrol Frigate HMS Caistor   -  P 690
September   1944         
Commissioned for service in Western Approaches Command.  Build completion and commencmment of Acceptance Trials.
October 1944                  
On completion of trials and storing took passage to Tobermory to work-up for operational service.
November 1944               
Joined 30th Escort Group for Atlantic convoy defence. 
(Note: Other escorts in this Group were sister ships:
(Did not take part in anti-submarine operations with Group on  11th November when submarine U1200 was sunk by SQUID projectiles in series of attacks by Group)
December  1944              
Deployed with Group for defence of Atlantic convoys.  Atlantic convoy defence and anti-submarine search duties in the Western Approaches.
January & February 1945                    
Deployed with Group for anti-submarine patrol and convoy defence of coastal convoys around UK.
March to April 1945                     
Transferred to North Sea for convoy defence and patrol for the interception of minelaying operations by submersibles and E-Boats.
May 1945                         
After VE Day deployed with Home Fleet to take part in transfer of surrendered U-Boats in Norway.
Deployed with HM Cruiser BERWICK, HM Canadian Destroyers HAIDA, HURON and ships of 30th Escort Group at Trondheim.
June to August 1945                         
Deployed for escort of captured submarines and support of re-occupation operations.
Visited Home ports as part of Victory celebrations.
September 1945            
Deployed in Home waters for training and Port duties
1 9 4 6
Paid-off and reduced to Reserve status after de-storing.  Laid-up in Reserve Fleet at Plymouth
1 9 4 7   t o   1 9 4 8
Laid-up in Reserve at Plymouth
1 9 4 9
Underwent refit at Cardiff to ensure ready availability if required for service.
Carried out sea trials on completion and returned to Reserve
1 9 5 0
Laid-up in Reserve.
1 9 5 1
Taken in hand for further refit at Falmouth to ensure availability for service at short notice.
Carried out sea trials on completion before return to Reserve.
1 9 5 2
 Laid-up in Reserve.  Nominated for service in 2nd Training Squadron at Portland
1 9 5 3
January 1953                   
Brought forward for service and commissioned.
February 1953                    
Joined Squadron at Portland
March to May 1953                        
Deployed at Portland
June  to July 1953                            
Attended Coronation Review at Spithead.
July to December 1953                            
Squadron training duties in continuation.
1 9 5 4
Squadron duties at Portland in continuation.   Nominated for reduction to Reserve status.
1 9 5 5
Paid-off, destored and reduced to Reserve status at Devonport.
Laid-up in Reserve Fleet, Plymouth.
Placed on Disposal List.
1 9 5 6
Sold to BISCO and allocated for demolition by Arnott Young. Taken in Tow to Breaker’s yard at Troon, South Ayrshire Glasgow in late March.


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