HMS Penn

Vessel Name on Arrival: 
HMS Penn
Vessel Type: 
Draught For'd: 
8' 6"
Draught Aft: 
10' 10"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
Vickers-Armstrongs, High Walker, Newcastle-on-Tyne
Original Yard No.: 
Other Information: 

'R'-Class Twin-Screw Destroyer HMS Penn for the Royal Navy                    Pennant No. G 77
20-10-1939  :  Ordered
26-12-1939  :  Laid Down
12-02-1941  :  Launched
10-02-1942  :  Completed
Tonnages  :  1,640 / 2,250 tons                        Dimensions  :   105.2 metres  x  10.7 metres  x  4.1 metres
Propulsion  :  Parsons geared steam turbines supplied by two Admiralty 3-Drum Boilers
Machinery Output and Vessel Speed  :   40,000 SHP   /   36.6 knots
Range  :  3,600 nautical miles at a mean speed of 14 knots
Complement  :  176 men
Armaments :
4 x 4 inch Mk. V Guns
1 x quadruple 2-pounder Mk. VII 'Pom-Pom' guns
2 x quadruple torpedo tubes for Mk. IX 21 inch torpedoes
6 x 20mm Oerlikon Guns
4 x Depth-Charge Throwers and Racks for 70 depth charges
Battle Honours Won :
1942           :  Malta Convoys
1942/1943  :  Atlantic and North Africa
1943           :  Sicily, Salerno, Agean and Mediterranean
1945           :  Burma
In the Mediterranean for Malta convoy escort work.  (HMS Penn was involved in the Operation Pedestal, a convoy to bring much-needed reinforcements to Malta. During the course of this operation she helped tow the damaged SS Ohio with her vital supplies of fuel into Grand Harbour, Valletta)
Early 1943
 In the North Atlantic with the 3rd Support Group
Operations for the Sicily landings.
On 7 November 1943 HMS Penn with HMS Pathfinder sank the German submarine trap GA45 off Amorgos, Greece.
In 1944
In  the Eastern Fleet in the Indian Ocean. Took part in carrier strike operations and coastal strikes against Japanese forces on the Burma and Malaya coasts.
From 1945
On 15 June 1945 Penn with Paladin sank a Japanese landing craft off the Northwest coast of Sumatra.
Continued to serve for a short time after the war.  Released from active operations in October 1945 then, until February 1947, used as a Target Ship based out of Singapore, for the training of aircraft crews.


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