Herbert W. Walker

Vessel Name on Arrival: 
Herbert W. Walker
Vessel Type: 
Official Number: 
Draught For'd: 
3' 6"
Draught Aft: 
9' 6"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
Willoughby Brothers of Plymouth, Devon
Original Yard No.: 
Name Changes: 

1921  :  Launched as S.S. Millwater for Owners Mellonie & Goulder (Coal & Coke Merchants)
1923  :  Renamed S.S. Elise Mellonie for the same Owners
1925  :  Acquired by G.T. Gillie & Blair of Newcastle, shipbrokers, and renamed S.S. Clyde Firth
1929  :  Acquired by Cement Marketing Company of Newcastle and renamed S.S. Lightning
1935  :  Acquired by the Wilson Steam Shipping Company and renamed S.S. Herbert W. Walker

Other Information: 

Built at Plymouth  in 1921 as a collier-design cargo ship for Mellonie & Goulder - Managers T.W. Dixon
Completed in October 1921               Dimensions :  133.6 feet  x  23.1 feet  x  9.9 feet               Single Screw
Propulsion  :  Triple-Expansion 3-Cylinder steam reciprocating engine manufactured by the Builder
16-10-1940  :  Vessel requisitioned for MOWT coasting and short sea services
WWII Services of S.S. Herbert W. Walker
From requisitioning in October 1940 until March 1946, the vessel was used for variable purposes including the transportation of ordnance, serving as a stores ship - military, short-sea and coastal passages. During this time she came under heavt attack in the English Channel by E-Boats, but survived the encounters.
She arrived at the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company's Troon facilities in March 1954 and within three months she ceased to exist.


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