HMS Sultan

Vessel Name on Arrival: 
HMS Sultan
Vessel Type: 
Draught For'd: 
8' 0"
Draught Aft: 
12' 3"
Year Built: 
Arrival Date: 
Breakup Started: 
Date First Beaching: 
Breakup Completed: 
Original Builder: 
Chatham Dockyard, Chatham
Name Changes: 

1906  :  Name changed to Fisgard IV
1932  :  Name reverted to HMS Sultan

Other Information: 

Built as a Broadside Ironclad Battleship, 2nd Class, for the Royal Navy by Chatham Dockyard, this large armoured ship, of iron construction, gave no less than 76 years service.
29-02-1868  :  Keel laid down                                                                     Length  :  103 metres
31-05-1870  :  Launched                                                                             Beam    :   18 metres
10-10-1871  :  Completed                                                                            Draught :     8 metres
Complement :
633 men
Propulsion :
Fully rigged sailing vessel with a total sail area of 49,400 square feet. 
She also had a 1-shaft Penn Steam Trunk Engine that developed 7,720 IHP
Under sail she could achieve 6 knots
Under steam power she could achieve 14.1 knots
1871 - 1876  :  Served in the English Channel
1876 - 1879  :  Served in the Mediterranean
then placed in Reserve until 1882 when she was retuired to the Mediterranean once more.
On 6th March 1889, she struck an unchartered rock in the Comino Channel, off Malta, and sank.  She was eventuially raised by an Italian salvage Firm and, after repairs in Malta, was towed back to Portsmouth.
Although refitted and modernised between 1893 - 1896, her obsolescent muzzle-loading guns were retained, which rendered her useless as a fighting ship by that time.  Nevertheless she was retained in Reserve until 1906 when stricken.
On 01-01-1906 she was renamed HMS FISGARD IV, but in 1932 in her new role as a Training Hulk, she was again renamed HMS SULTAN.
After various service periods as a Training Ship and Repair Ship, she served throughout WWII as a Depot Ship for Minesweepers operating out of Portsmouth.
On 13--08-1946, after 76 years service, the old ironclad was sold for breaking and arrived at Dalmuir on the Clyde for this purpose on 08-10-1946.  By May 1947, she had been reduced to a hulk and was delivered to the West of Scotland Shipbreaking Company at Troon for finishing off.


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